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White Label Trading Platform for Online Brokers and Digital Advisors

For those who are looking to start or expand their trading business, provides the most beneficial set of solutions. We offer customizable risk management tools for granular control on pre-trade risk, account limits, and trading parameters on all your accounts. It is best to choose an independent technology provider and purchase WL from them, as such companies are […]

Top 15 Business Intelligence Tools BI Tools

This leads to more opportunities for optimization along with better customer service for clients. Tableau is known for its user-friendly data visualization capabilities, but it can do more than make pretty charts. Their offering includes live visual analytics, an interface that allows users to drag and drop buttons to spot trends in data quickly. My […]

What is a broker Types of brokers which one should you choose?

Forex brokers act as market makers as well and may post bid and ask prices for a currency pair that differs from the most competitive bid in the market. Many forex brokers offer paper trading tools that let you test different strategies without putting any money at stake. Virtual trading simulators like those are a good […]

Earn money with the BigCommerce Affiliate Program

Elementor offers up to a 50% commission on each sale generated by your referral. We prefer partners who have built an engaged audience with a steady traffic flow and followers. Your website must receive at least 5,000 monthly visitors in the past three months, and your social media pages must have at least 1,000 followers. […]